Innovate businesses awarded £3.15 million in Long Term Care Revolution SBRI national challenge

CHIRON and Give and Take Care conceive high risk potentially disruptive projects serving the long term care market and are rewarded with over £3.15m.

The Programme

The Long Term Care Revolution is about radically rethinking the current models of long term care with the aim of creating new and desirable alternatives, leading to structural and economic change in the future. It is not about reform, but about constructing something new between now and 2040.

It is about creating diverse, vibrant and cutting-edge lifestyle and support services addressing the needs, wishes and aspirations, to deliver improved quality of life. It is about adopting a radical approach to long term care that positions the sector not as an economic burden to state, the economy, but as an engine for UK growth and wealth creation.

Vision, Aim & Goal

The vision is to ensure that we can all approach later life with confidence, secure in the knowledge that a wide range of affordable and dignified options exists, offering us a continuum of support for our chosen lifestyle, if, when and how we require that support.

The aim is to unleash the power of innovation, technology, creativity and partnership to drive economic and social change, fuel UK economic growth and wealth creation and trigger a dynamic, sustainable and affordable market in support of later life.

The goal is to ensure that when it is no longer possible to independently carry out the activities of daily living, or when high levels of nursing care and support are required, people can confidantly make the transition to a lifestyle of their choice.